GlowBall™ Basketball

GlowBall™ Basketball

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GlowBall™ Basketball

GlowBall™ Basketball

  • Unique Luminous Effect
  • Official NBA™ Size
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Unlimited Social Content Creation
  • Meticulously Honed Precision Design
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  • INTRODUCING GLOWBALL™ BASKETBALL - a revolutionary game-changer. MONTHS of DEDICATED REFINEMENT ensure both eye-catching DESIGN and SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE. Don't miss this OPPORTUNITY to level up your game!
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        BALANCED for accuracy, GlowBall™ Basketball SIZE 7 fits into player's hands perfectly. It is thoughtfully shaped and weighted for seamless play. Bounces and passes feel just right, ADDING COMFORT and CONFIDENCE in the game's rhythm.


        GLOWBALL™ BASKETBALL features a mesmerizing holographic surface. Shine on social media with NO EDITING REQUIRED! When light hits, it becomes a radiant display, showing off your game skills and passion.


        The leather combines two technologies: REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS for VISIBILITY and a HOLOGRAPHIC LAYER for DYNAMIC COLORS that shift with angles and light. Skillful crafting embeds these elements, helping you see it better by reflecting its LIVELY COLORS and PATTERNS.

        • Olivia Anderson, US

          "I'm hooked on the GlowBall! As a devoted player, I'm always seeking ways to amp up my game. This ball has transformed my nighttime hoops. Its radiant glow adds thrill and challenge, like shooting among stars. It's durable too - looks brand new after intense games. Nufftastic, you've got my gratitude!"

        • Ethan Davies, US

          "This basektball revolutionized my game nights! With its captivating glow, the court stays alive even after sunset. Our community league's success soared after introducing the GlowBall. All ages love its unique appeal. Nufftastic's innovation truly shines here!"

        • Shannon Lee, US

          "The GlowBall is pure magic! Living in a bustling city makes playing my favorite sport tough, but the GlowBall changes that. It brings the court to my backyard day or night, glowing with its own enchanting light. It's become a weekend essential, uniting friends in an unforgettable experience. Thanks, Nufftastic, for this shining treasure!"

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        GlowBall™ Basketball is crafted from
        high-quality reflective leather with a holographic effect. In
        complete darkness, it appears black. However, when exposed to light or captured
        in a photo/video with flash, it instantly transforms, illuminating your phone
        screen and entrancing your audience.

        • Perfect Build

          With a rubber yarn-wrapped core and a meticulously engineered surface, GlowBall™ Basketball boasts longevity and reliability for extended use.

        • Amazing Design

          Its vibrant and attention-grabbing design stands out on the court making a bold statement and adding a dynamic element to the game.

        • Exceptional Quality

          With its standard size (7) and high-quality material, GlowBall™ Basketball delivers both style and performance, making it a standout choice for soccer enthusiasts.


        What's your '30-Day Money-Back Guarantee' policy?

        Not a fan of the product? No worries at all! You've got 30 days to reach out. We'll make the return process a breeze and issue a full refund - no questions asked, just a hassle-free experience.

        What size is it?

        This ball is size 7, the Official NBA Size.

        Suitable for players aged 12 or older.

        Does it need batteries?

        It doesn't need batteries, but only a source of light to reflect its holographic effect.

        Is it durable?

        GlowBall™ Basketball is made of premium reflective PU leather and flexible rubber bladder, so it is highly durable and wear-resistant :)

        Suitable for all surfaces.

        Where can it be shipped?

        We are shipping worldwide. We have warehouses in: US, UK, ES, AU, FR, GE, IT, ISR, CAN, CZE, POL

        How is it delivered as a package?

        It is delivered to you in a deflated state to ensure safe and efficient shipping.

        Please note that the pump is not included in the package.

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